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E&E Industries ® 4931 Market Street, San Diego,CA 92102

OSHA Forklift Operator Certification
  *New Operator Certification (8 hours)
  *Re-certification/Safety Training for 
    Experienced Forklift Operators.

This course will include information about: 
  * Safety Hazards & Accident Prevention 
  * Operation 
  * Forklift Inspection 
​  * Battery Maintenance (How to Properly Water & Charge the Battery)

​The business owner and/or employees will view an instructional video; complete a safety test and learn to operate a forklift through hands-on training. Upon successful completion, the qualified operator will receive a Completion Certificate verifying that they have passed the program. 

Train the Trainer is also available! We can train you to train your employees. Many large companies prefer to have their own in-house trainer when turnover of personnel is high.

Our classes feature the following:

  * Training Handbook
  * 20-Minute Video
  * On-Site Forklift Operation
  * Forklift Inspection Procedures
  * Certification valid for 3 years

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