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E&E Industries ® 4931 Market Street, San Diego,CA 92102

Best Forklift Repair and Service

​With 30 years of experience, E & E Industries is one of the top independent forklift repair and service companies in California. We repair and service all brands and sizes of forklifts, whether its propane, diesel, gas or electric.  We provide fast on-site service as well as 24/7 emergency service should you need us.  

• LPG (Propane)
• Diesel
• Gas
• Electric

The fact that we are an independent company also means – we have flexibility. We can purchase replacement parts from anywhere in the United States. This allows us to compare quality and prices, thus getting the best parts at the lowest price before ordering. This savings is passed along to you, our Customer.
We’re an Independent Service Company – which means we can save you money. Other forklift service companies may just replace an item on your forklift rather than fix the problem or replace a smaller component. We take the time to troubleshoot and locate the source of the problem.

At E & E Industries, we do things differently. We take the time to troubleshoot and locate the problem and will repair or replace smaller, less costly components – which in the end saves our clients money. This is a big reason why so many local companies and operation managers appreciate the way we do business.
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